Helping your team to make it happen

From training to workshops and hands-on support, Marketing In Control can help your team to plan, design and deliver your customer & stakeholder engagement projects.

  • Workshops

Workshops increase the ability of your team to manage your communications and marketing activities, and enables them to move forward more quickly with practical tools and templates designed to meet your particular objectives and organisational criteria. Working as a team creates a shared knowledge of the benefits of our models, and helps to foster a relationship-focused culture. We can follow up workshops with coaching and support as required.

Executive Briefings

Whether you need to sell-in the organisation-level benefits of our stakeholder engagement and internal marketing models, or need to engage senior executives as part of your communications plan, we can support you with planning, developing and even delivering briefing tools and events.

Communications Training

Effective communications is essential for project and programme success yet it is a skill that some find difficult to master. Our ABCDE model improves the communications performance and capability of an individual or whole team without the need for everyone to be skilled communicators. The model is simple yet powerful. To get the full benefits of the model, we can provide training courses and follow up coaching and support.

Communications Planning

We can provide hands-on support to develop your stakeholder engagement strategy and communications plans.

Design & Development

For time-crunched leaders, we can help you get more done by developing and producing regular customer communications while you focus on other priorities.

Research & Analysis

As an independent team, our research services provide unbiased and objective insight about what executives and other stakeholders really want. For project & team leaders, we offer workshops to help your team plan and develop your relationship strategy, tools and templates. For organisation leaders & executives,


Customer Communications

Customers value suppliers who help them get the most out of products & services, illustrate how solutions delivered to other groups can help solve problems, and who show ongoing commitment to product & service quality. We design and produce a range of communications materials for teams and organisations to help you stay connected with internal and external customers. This includes:

  • Solution guides & case studies
  • e-Newsletters, articles & whitepapers
  • User manuals & service brochures
  • Quarterly Value Reviews


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a critical element in successful project & programme delivery but the complexities involved can make it difficult to know 'where to start'. We help project, programme & PMO leaders develop stakeholder engagement and communications plans for projects large and small, ranging from internal conferences to organisational change, mergers & acquisitions and business improvement programmes.

We use the ABCDE model to provide a robust and structured approach to identifying and profiling key stakeholders, identifying stakeholder related risks, mapping engagement objectives, planning communications and managing implementation.


Research & Insight

Insight about stakeholder perceptions or customer experience is the foundation for improving quality and business performance, and it requires more than a customer satisfaction survey.

1:1 interviews with executives can be challenging for team members. Customers may not 'tell it as it is' to suppliers. Surveys may reflect the supplier's perspective rather than the customer's. We provide an impartial interface for qualitative interviews, and an external perspective for designing and analysing research, enabling leaders and managers to get the information they need about stakeholder expectations, product & service performance and the evolution of business needs.

Services include:

  • 1:1 interviews with business executives, stakeholders, external suppliers and customers
  • customer satisfaction and user feedback design & analysis
  • audit of stakeholder communications and customer experience

Marketing Workshops

Relationship marketing is about refining the way your team or organisation does business in order to maximise the value of the relationship for your customers or stakeholders. Our aim is not to teach people marketing theory, or turn them into marketing professionals. Our goal is to enable them to use marketing methods within day-to-day operations to improve communications, customer satisfaction and perceived value.

We do work with PMO Flashmob to run public workshops. Alternatively we can run workshops onsite exclusively for your team, providing the opportunity for your team to work together to share insights and develop a relationship agenda aligned to their strengths and resources. 

Workshops include:

  • PMO Marketing: changing perceptions of the PMO to increase organisational engagement and improve PMO performance
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning: developing your stakeholder strategy and communications plan
  • Case Studies & Solution Guides: developing templates and case study writing skills to improve engagement and perceived value