Unlock the potential of your PMO

Based on the mini-masterclass developed for the PMO Flashmob , this workshop shows you how to change stakeholder perceptions and unlock the potential of your PMO. One of the key issues for many PMOs is how to build relationships within the organisation and wider environment in order to operate effectively and efficiently. Negative perceptions, low expectations and lack of information about the value of PMOs get in the way of stakeholder engagement and realisation of the strategic benefits of the PMO.

Marketing for non marketers

In this workshop you will learn practical ideas to change and manage stakeholder perceptions and expectations. We will show you:

  • how stakeholder perceptions affect PMO performance
  • how marketing tools & techniques change perceptions and build relationships
  • how to build stakeholder understanding of PMO value
  • how to build stakeholder confidence in PMO capability
  • how to improve stakeholder engagement by reducing perceived barriers
  • how to build trust and respect for PMO expertise and insight
  • how to sustain long term relationships as the organisation evolves
  • how to integrate marketing into PMO day-to-day operations rather than adding another layer to your workload
  • why marketing your PMO will save money and increase effectiveness
  • how to use our 5 P's model to market your PMO

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for PMO leadership and team members who:

  • want to be recognised as a value-adding function
  • want to attract and retain PMO top talent
  • want to improve PMO performance
  • want to evolve PMO services
A PMO is more likely to survive if it remains close to users who deliver the projects, and also demonstrates a contribution to those who determine whether the cost of PMO resources is justified.
— "The contribution of the PMO", Kutsch, Ward & Hall (2015)
A typical PMO problem is that the potential scope of work is absolutely huge and you’re expected to know everything, see everything, and deal with things immediately, and you just can’t.
— Kutsch, Ward & Hall

Where can I attend?

Ask about our public workshops with the PMO Flashmob. Alternatively we can run it onsite and:

  • tailor the agenda to address your objectives
  • develop the capabilities of your whole team
  • involve other parties, such as sponsor and contractors

Find out about our PMO Marketing Services

If you have attended one of our workshops and are ready to put theory into practice, we can help you take the next step.

Is 'marketing' good use of PMO resources?

You may have your own perceptions about the value of 'marketing', concerns about whether your PMO should be seen to be doing it, or how to justify putting resources into 'promoting' what the PMO does. These are valid questions, so let's try to address them.

  1. Stakeholders' negative perceptions and uncertainty about PMO value make it much harder for the PMO to build the relationships needed to do their job. It's not impossible, but it takes time and effort to persuade the disinterested. The efficiency and effectiveness of the PMO and of the whole organisation are negatively impacted.
  2. Relationship Marketing is about refining the way the organisation does business in order to maximise the value of the relationship for customers. 'PMO Marketing' is not about promoting what the PMO does; the purpose is to help you refine the way the PMO operates in order to maximise the value of stakeholder relationships.
  3. 'PMO Marketing' depends on your capabilities as PMO professionals. It requires a knowledge about your stakeholders, your organisation and the purpose of your PMO. PMO Marketing needs to be supported by good communications, interviewing skills and research. It does not require your team to become marketing experts.
  4. PMO budgets are intended to deliver insights and expert services to help the business deliver, change or improve. Unless the business understands, respects and trusts the PMO, the PMO will struggle to deliver and fail to deliver the promised ROI. Not doing relationship marketing actually adds delay and cost to PMO operations. And when organisations choose to outsource PMO services because the value of the internal team is not clear, the risk of losing strategic skills escalated.

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