Changing perceptions

A key issue facing PMO’s is how to gain recognition as a value-adding function. In many organisations negative perceptions and low expectations of the PMO persist, making it extremely difficult to engage meaningfully with the project community and stakeholders and build the relationships needed to deliver the support and guidance required.

Simply promoting the PMO value proposition is unlikely to be effective in this environment. Changing perceptions requires a different approach. Relationship Marketing has been tried and tested by many major brands such as Skoda, Intel, Teflon and PayPal. These brands have demonstrated that a relationship marketing approach can change perceptions, build customer confidence and foster relationships with people who might previously have been disinterested.

Relationship Marketing for PMO's

We have developed a unique model, based on Relationship Marketing best practice, to specifically help PMO’s address the challenge of changing stakeholder perceptions. We use marketing principles to refine the way PMO's operate, changing perceptions and building stakeholder understanding by:

  • understanding and meeting basic needs
  • supporting stakeholders in realising PMO value and benefits
  • encouraging engagement by reducing perceived barriers
  • building confidence by managing the customer experience
  • building respect by delivering a personal service
How you are seen by the rest of your organisation and the wider environment in which you operate depends on the relationships you build with them.
— The Open University
You have to have relationships big enough to get the job done.
— Steve Radcliffe, 'Leadership Plain and Simple'

Unlocking PMO potential

Our PMO Marketing Services


Research & Analysis

The foundation of relationship marketing is information but gathering information may not be straight-forward. 1:1 interviews with executives can be challenging for team members; your internal customers may find it difficult to 'tell it as it is' to co-workers; and survey wording may reflect the PMO's perspective rather than the end user's.

We provide an impartial interface for qualitative interviews, and an external perspective for designing and analysing research, enabling you to learn more about

  • your stakeholders: their needs, expectations, preferences, issues
  • the customer experience: how good is PMO service, support, communication, interaction and recovery

Planning: Relationship Marketing Agenda

The PMO Marketing Model provides the framework for planning and developing your Relationship Marketing Agenda. It brings together the elements that need to be considered and which often get overlooked. It is objective focused so that marketing actions support PMO goals and drive outcomes not output; and it fosters a consistent approach, helping to build PMO confidence and capability.

We can help your team

  • learn how to use the PMO Marketing Model
  • identify and prioritise the opportunities for improving Relationship Marketing
  • create a Relationship Marketing Agenda

Relationship Marketing Maturity Assessment

PMO's are all very different: at different stages of PMO maturity, providing different services and functions for the business, and requiring different skills and resources. Some PMO's are experienced in stakeholder engagement and have defined Relationship Marketing processes. Others are operating at a lower level of Relationship Marketing Maturity where processes are more adhoc.

Your relationship marketing agenda needs to reflect the objectives of your PMO, the strengths of your team, and the opportunities for improving processes and systems. We can help your team:

  • clarify and articulate your objectives
  • understand the quality gap: the gap between expectations and experience
  • assess the level of your PMO Relationship Marketing in the 5 key areas: what is working well, where there are issues
  • review the performance of key systems for feedback and communication


Implementing Relationship Marketing depends on good two-way communication. Our communications services include:

  • Design of communications tools such as QVR (Quarterly Value Report) and case studies
  • Design & development of a customer satisfaction management process
  • Audit of stakeholder communications and customer experience
  • Communications training: how to use the ABCDE tool to improve communications quality

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