Communicating the business value

Internal services providers such as IT, PMO, finance and HR provide essential functions for the organisation. Yet senior executives often don't really understand the value delivered by these teams. This can have a real impact on internal collaboration, the ability of internal teams to implement business strategy, investment decisions and ROI. We provide design & planning services, hands-on support and coaching to help you communicate the business value of your team and engage your internal customers and stakeholders.

Communications Tools

We design and produce a range of communications materials for internal teams and organisations to help you connect with internal and external customers, partners, suppliers and team members. This includes:

  • Research tools
  • Solution guides & case studies
  • e-Newsletters, articles & whitepapers
  • User manuals & service brochures
  • Client Value Reviews

Communications Planning & Training

Effective communications is essential yet it is a skill that some find difficult to master. Our ABCDE planning model improves communications effectiveness of individuals and project teams without the need for everyone to be skilled communicators. The model is simple yet powerful. We can provide hands-on support to work with your team to develop your stakeholder communications plans; and we can follow up with training courses and coaching to develop the capability within your organisation.

Understanding the Value Proposition

Very often the real value delivered into the business is invisible to the service provider or may be different to the original value proposition. Performance metrics may not reflect actual progress; intangible benefits and adhoc services are overlooked. As an independent team, our research services provide unbiased and objective insight about what executives and other stakeholders need and their perceptions of the value delivered.

Executive Briefings

Delivering projects and programmes often requires aligning executive expectations, ensuring they have a common understanding of objectives, and providing them with the tools top play their part in leading the organisation through change. Where you need to engage senior executives as part of your communications plan, we can support you with planning, developing and even delivering briefing tools and events.

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