Manage what happens after the sale

Customers who remain engaged and interested in your products and services are easier to sell to, and more profitable. Existing customers can often take a back-seat to lead generation yet research shows that customer retention activities have a direct impact on the bottom line. Customers are lazy, they would much prefer to buy from an existing supplier but it does take a bit of effort. There are three basic elements to customer retention: familiarity, positive association, safety.  We provide communications solutions and hands-on support to help you build long term customer relationships.

Communications Tools

We design and produce a range of communications materials to help you connect with customers, partners, suppliers and team members. This includes:

  • Research tools
  • Solution guides & case studies
  • e-Newsletters, articles & whitepapers
  • User manuals & service brochures
  • Client Value Reviews

Communications Planning & Training

Effective communications is essential yet it is a skill that some find difficult to master. Our ABCDE planning model improves communications effectiveness without the need for everyone to be skilled communicators. The model is simple yet powerful. We can provide hands-on support to work with your team to develop your communications plans; and we can follow up with training courses and coaching to develop the capability within your organisation.

Understanding Your Real Value Proposition

In competitive markets, there is great pressure on suppliers to drop prices but that may not be the best way to keep the customer. There are often other factors that are more important to customers such as convenience or flexibility. These elements form the real value proposition that makes a company supplier-of-choice. Our research services provide unbiased and objective insight about why customers buy from you, providing information that can shape your marketing and business development decisions.

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