5P's Model for PMO Marketing

The PMO Marketing 5P's model is a framework for building and managing relationships with customers and stakeholders. This relationship marketing framework has been designed specifically to help PMO teams to influence stakeholder perceptions and expectations, and build the relationships that are needed for the PMO to do its job effectively and efficiently.

While communication is important in managing stakeholder relationships, we believe that it's not the place to start when you need to change perceptions and build understanding, respect and trust in the PMO. This model takes a different approach, addressing the fundamental elements that form the foundations of good relationships.

Why PMO Marketing is needed

The issue facing many PMO's is how to build relationships with project communities and stakeholders when PMO's are often not recognised as value-adding functions. Far from being trivial, how the PMO is seen by the rest of the business affects the the ability of the PMO, and the wider organisation, to achieve their strategic objectives. Stakeholder uncertainty, misunderstanding or lack of awareness is making it much harder for PMO's to engage and work with stakeholders, which in turn leads to:

  • Poor PMO performance: delivering valuable input and achieving successful outcomes is harder and slower
  • Difficulty recruiting: it's harder to attract and retain the right skills and knowledge
  • The wrong information: without a meaningful dialogue, it's harder for the PMO to understand and deliver what the business really needs
  • Added costs and delays: the risk of duplication within the business or rework is much higher when co-workers don't interact effectively or don't respect the guidance and input provided
  • Missed opportunities: by not recognising the capabilities within the PMO, the organisation risks not realising the benefits of a strategic asset

Learn more

Ask about our PMO Marketing workshops that are hosted by PMO FlashMob to find out how PMO Marketing can help change perceptions of your PMO. Alternatively, our PMO Marketing services will help you plan, develop and implement a Relationship Marketing Agenda for your PMO.


5P's Model: 5 elements that influence relationships

  • Product: meeting basic needs
  • Physical Evidence: realising benefits
  • Price: increasing perceived value
  • People: building confidence through experience
  • Process: personalising the service

5P's: Marketing for non-marketers:

The 5P's Model:

  • integrates marketing principles into day-to-day PMO operations
  • addresses the underlying factors affecting relationships between the PMO and stakeholders
  • can be applied by PMO’s at any stage of relationship maturity
  • can be used to support the evolution of PMO service offerings eg. towards Gartner’s best practices of high performing PMOs