Improving business performance through customer & stakeholder relations


Relationships with customers and with stakeholders affect the performance of your business and the ability of individual teams within your organisation to work efficiently and effectively. Customers who remain engaged and interested in your products and services are easier to sell to, and more profitable. Existing customers can often take a back-seat to lead generation yet, according to a study by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. The same is true inside the organisation. An organisation is a community of internal suppliers and customers. Nurturing those cross-functional relationships improves overall business performance. Research by Lynda Gratton has demonstrated that the most productive, innovative teams are typically led by people who focus on stakeholder relationships as well as the project objectives. And the Service Profit Chain suggests that success in building external customer loyalty starts with prioritising internal customer relationships.

At Marketing In Control, our focus is on applying marketing inside and outside the organisation to help teams and organisations work more efficiently and be more effective. We provide customer communications services to help you nurture your customer relationship; we provide stakeholder engagement solutions to help internal service providers, such as PMO's and IT, build effective relationships with internal customers and collaborators.

We have developed a unique suite of tools and models, based on relationship marketing best practice, that provide easy-to-use and practical processes for building productive customer sand stakeholder relationships. In addition, we can work with your organisation to build a customer relationship agenda, providing hands-on support and coaching when you need it.

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PMO Marketing

A key issue for PMO's is how to gain recognition as a value-adding function. Changing perceptions and building relationships with stakeholders and the project management community are key to being able to deliver the support and insight required by the organisation.

Customer Relations


Nurturing customer relationships is about connecting with the people you do business. Rather than requiring sophisticated CRM systems and data analysis, managing customer perceptions and expectations through research and communications can deliver significant benefits.

Stakeholder Engagement


Effective stakeholder communications is recognised as a critical factor for successful delivery of projects and programmes. Without a clear picture of champions and challengers, and a robust stakeholder strategy, communications effort may be ineffective and wasted resource.


"Fran has become a valued contributor in our PR team, helping us to stay connected with our customers and provide added-value. She’s proactive in coming up with inspiring suggestions and will “go the extra mile” to work on new ideas and develop a solution that’s right for our business."

"Thank you so much for this case study, you make a great team."

"Fran is a superb communicator with a strong grasp of the power of words. She has a real skill for turning ordinary written copy into something special, that inspires and motivates."


"I have had the pleasure of working with Marketing in Control and Fran for 6 years. Marketing in Control have helped develop our customer facing material such as our web, white papers and newsletters. They always deliver on time and and have a good technical understanding."

"The ABCDE communications framework takes what I need to do and puts it into an order that is absolutely correct. It just makes really good sense."

"The ABCDE really helped to get the team aligned on what was required."